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Sessions Craft Canning is a mobile canning line to the Beer and Cider industry in Ontario. We provide a complete solution for getting your product into 355ml or 473ml cans. We bring our specialized mobile canning line (up to 35 cans/minute) to your location along with all the necessary materials (cans, ends, trays & handles) to package your product.

We can supply everything you need or can just bring the canning line. Its your call. Our fully automated equipment sets up inside your location and can package up to 60 Hectolitres per day. Thats over 12,000 -16oz cans of beer.

Why invest a significant amount of money on a new canning line when we are offering a pay-as-you go fixed per can cost on an as needed basis? Spend that extra money on increasing brewing capacity and let us do the canning. Contact us today to book your first of many SESSIONS

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What we can do

Our Services

Full Service Mobile Canning

We provide the equipment, material, personnel and expertise to get your product into cans in the most hassle free and cost effective way possible. 

Can Warehousing

We have off-site can storage space available to free up your much needed brewery footprint. Purchase cans from us and we can store and bring them to your canning session on an as needed basis. No need to spend thousands of dollars on empty cans and take up valuable brewery footprint.

Emergency Canning

Equipment breaks down – we get it. Call us for a one time appointment until yours is fixed. Busy season approaching and need extra capacity? We can set up for a day or two and work side by side until all your beer is canned

Quality Assurance

Its our primary responsibility to ensure that we provide a finished product with minimal micro activity and maximum shelf life. Our cleaning and sanitation practices exceed industry standards and will please even the most diligent brewers.

Pay as you go Billing

Pay as you go billing means there is no need for long term commitments of capital. Spend that extra money on increasing brewing capacity and let us do the canning

Printed, Sleeved or Silver Bullet Cans

 We are able to offer much lower quantities on branded shrink sleeved cans & silver bullet cans. We will work with you through the entire can design and purchase process and our min quantities and pricing will keep your accountants very happy. 

What we can do

Why Cans?

Reduce Shipping Costs

A beer can weighs less than 1oz, a beer bottle weighs 6oz. You do the math. This is a big difference. A difference you will take advantage of in terms of reduced shipping costs and fewer bottle related headaches

Infinitely Recyclable

Cans are 100% recyclable and better for the environment. Do your part and get your beer into cans today. Help recycle more by drinking more canned beer. Yes, help recycle more by drinking more……

Increase Market Share

People love creative craft branding. Brand your can with a man named Dan riding in a purple van rhyming the word can with his best friend Stan. More branding = more visibility = more market share and just like that, there is nothing else to consider…..Cans will sell you more beer!

Covert and Stealth

Cans go places that bottles can’t – Golf Courses, Beaches, in a Backpack, on a Casino Riverboat, a Movie Theatre, in your Grandpa’s Sock Drawer, a Purse or pretty much anywhere you Can think of – Cans are infinitely more portable and easier to travel with.

Cools Down Faster

Aluminium cools faster than glass – Unfortunately our cans do not change colour to let you know when they are cold.

Our customers have common sense. We leave those types of colour changing cans to the real experts!

Better Taste

Cans block 100% of UV light from attacking your beer and our industry best sanitation and quality control practices limit the amount of O2 in your beer keeping it fresher for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never heard of mobile canning before. Why should I use or trust your services?

Sessions Craft Canning is the 2nd mobile canning company in Canada and we belong to a group of mobile canners who work across North America.

Our team of experienced canners and intensive training programs give us the reliability and credibility to professionally package your product to the industry’s highest standards. To date, there are over 600breweries all across North America using mobile canning services to package their product.

What Type of Canning Equipment do you use?

We use a quad fill, two tower fully automated custom built (to be mobile) Wild Goose Canning Technologies canning line with a fill speed of 35-40 cans/minute.

canning line 250mcanning line

How much beer can you can in one day?

Our mobile canning line can package up to 60Hectolitres in a typical 8 hour day. That being said, we love to can beer and are able to tailor our schedule to fit the needs of each individual client.

How much space do you need to set up?

Our equipment is extremely portable and customizable however we do require an area of roughly eight feet wide by thirty feet long to set up and package your product. That being said, if you are concerned about having enough space please call us and we will be able to come visit and take a look.

Why don't I just buy my own canning line?

By utilizing a mobile canning solution, breweries, wineries and cideries can focus on making a great quality product and preserve their precious capital, space and management resources.

At Sessions Craft Canning, we deliver the canning process, the machinery, the operational labor, and all the measures essential to maintaining fast, reliable production canning that expands your market opportunity.

Why spend precious capital on a canning line when we are able to give you a simple pay as you go method for canning your product.

Although my brewery may not look it, we are extremely focused on cleanliness and sanitation. What do you do to clean and sanitize your equipment?

Cleanliness and sanitation are of upmost importance to the brewing and packaging process. We use industry approved cleaning chemicals and procedures to make sure our cleaning line exceeds your breweries expectations. On the canning day we will go over the entire cleaning process with you and your team to make sure you are comfortable

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